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Cycle level 1
Beginner cycling allows you to ease yourself into a cycle routine that you will be TOTALLY comfortable with. Come get familiarized with  the bike, moving around, as well as tension and cadence adjusting, while mounted.  Low impact, go at your own pace. 
Class Descriptions
At Cycle Station, LLC, we take care to provide our customers high quality classes personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.
Cycle Combo (SPIN Plus) 
Come and ride to your PERSONAL max. From hill climbs to seated sprints, you will get a great endurance workout you have been looking for!! You will feel incredible after this class leaving you to want more. This class hits all the major muscle groups as well as providing a great cardio work out that we are all craving!!​  After we get off the bike we will work our muscles in a different way with body blasting, strength and sculpt.  This combo class offer a little of both.  
Kick it up a notch, with a once or twice a week intense, hardcore cardio and strength BootCamp.  This class will be sure to challenge you in ways you thought were not possible.  This class is fast moving and fun.  You will be sure to leave here feeling GREAT! Instructor will be there to push you but you are recommended to work at YOUR PERSONAL level. This class usually does not involve spinning.